Paul Hose’s career as a drummer is colourful and diverse. Not only is Paul known and respected as a teacher, but as a concert performer, and recording artist too.

Jim Chapin Memorial with Paul HosePaul’s live work includes television broadcast productions, arena concerts, festivals, touring theatre shows and much more. Paul has worked with a host of artists from across the musical spectrum including Country star, Sarah Jory, The English National Ballet, Grammy award winning Tom Chapin, producer Steve Chapin and guitar virtuoso, Lee Wrathe. Paul also toured extensively with the A1 Events production, “To be Frank,” a tribute to Sinatra and the Rat Pack under the musical direction of Matt Stacey over a six-year period.

Paul Hose has been a professional drummer for over 20 years. His career covers a wide spectrum of work; theatre to festivals and clinics to private teaching, Paul’s career is colourful and diverse, to say the least.

Paul Hose Teaching in Paris

Paul Hose Teaching in Paris

He was taught by several notable private teachers in the UK before going on to study with Dom Famularo and Jim Chapin, who Paul studied with for 6 years. Indeed a highlight for Paul was playing and speaking at Jim’s memorial at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. He will soon graduate as an Associate of Trinity College.

As an educator, Paul has taught in state schools and music institutions in the the UK and in Singapore. He also owns MLC-Academy, a music school based in Nottingham with subsidiaries in France and New York.

Paul Hose teaching in Italy

Paul Hose teaching in Italy

In 2004 Paul wrote all of the sight reading tests and chose all of the performance pieces for the 2004-2006 Trinity College drum kit syllabus and his own book, Drumset for Beginners (Hose/Farey) was published by Alfred in 2010.

He has played many clinics and festivals with the likes of Jojo Mayer, Dom Famularo and Ray Luzier and indeed continues to perform clinics in Italy, France, UK, USA and Canada.

Paul Hose Master Class Paris

Paul Hose Master Class Paris

As a publisher Paul’s company, Apps For Musicians Limited, publishers interactive apps on the Apple iOS, Kindle and Android platforms and he authors courses for mlc-u.com, an online music school that offers both accredited and non accredited music courses.

Drumset For Beginners App by Paul Hose

Drumset For Beginners App by Paul Hose

Lessons with Paul are fun, informative and interactive. Technology plays an important role in Paul’s teaching practice as all of the lessons are filmed and archived for you to review during your practice time.

Drumset For Beginners

Drumset For Beginners

Paul is now working on 2 new titles for Alfred Publishing and is resident at music schools in France and Italy. He will also teach at Berklee College of Music this autumn as part of a 14 date USA clinic tour.

I welcome anyone who wants to learn. Young, young at heart, beginner or professional. The lessons will be fun, challenging and rewarding.

Paul is Education Specialist for Natal Drums and is endorsed by them together with Sabian, Vic Firth and Evans.

Paul’s work in education has been recognised by the Vic Firth Company who awarded Paul with “An outstanding contribution to teaching.”

Paul is a member of the MU, NAMM, Antenna and GRAMMY.

Paul’s Drums

Cymbals – Sabian exclusively

  • 14″ HHX Evolution Hi-hats
  • 14″ HHX Groove Hi-hats
  • 13″ HHX Evolution Hi-hats
  • 17″ HHX Legacy Crash
  • 18″ HHX Studio Crash
  • 16″ HHX Evolution
  • 15″ AAX Studio Crash
  • 20″ HHX Evolution Ride
  • 22″ Artisan Medium Ride
  • 21″ Fierce Ride
  • 22″ Legacy Heavy Ride
  • 14″ AAX Mini Chinese
  • 7″ .HHX Evolution Splash
Drums – Natal exclusively Black Sparkle Birch

  • 10 x 5.5″ maple stave snare
  • 12 x 5.5″ bubinga stave snare
  • 14 x 5.5″ dark bronze snare
  • 10 x 8″ tom
  • 12 x 9″ tom
  • 14 x 14″ tom
  • 16 x 16″ tom
  • 18 x 16″ bass
  • 20 x 18″ bass
Heads – Evans Exclusively

  • G1 coated
  • G2 coated
  • EQ3 bass

Sticks, brushes and mallets – Vic Firth exclusively

  • A variety of sticks, brushes and mallets used
  • Preferred stick – Jojo Mayer signature

Cases – Protection Racket exclusively

Read What Some People Have Said About Paul's Book Drumset For Beginners


Drumset for Beginners

About the book

Layout 1Drumset for Beginners is an exciting and innovative approach to teaching and learning how to play drums. Even while acquiring the basics, students are given room to ‘express’ themselves through the application of essential structural and technical devices. More than this, the book then takes a journey around all the key styles that are the cornerstone of any drummer’s technique, offering a wide selection of subsidiary materials that point the student in the direction of further study once the basics of each style have been mastered. An accompanying MP3CD allows the student direct aural inspiration, but also, the featured play-alongs act as a goal and progress indicator for student and teacher, as well as being great tracks in their own right!

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David Garibaldi: A Video Insight

video_insight_garibaldiA free package of lessons comprising of a short film that illustrates how to thread together classic titles such as Stick Control with contemporary titles such as Future Sounds and comes complete with a PDF booklet containing drum lessons relating to the material discussed within the film.

Download Free Today!

"This book is a concise and cohesive method for student AND teacher. Its benefits are many and varied, covering aspects of playing and understanding of the instrument that will prove invaluable!"

Bobby Arechiga - Strongheart, UK/International Session & Teacher


Paul has produced a number of podcasts for you to enjoy time and time again for free. The podcasts provided have been down loaded cumulatively over 1 million times! Subscribe to the feeds to receive automatic updates as and when they become available.


Video Insights by Paul Hose

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Mapex.co.uk Drum Lessons

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"I think it's great, just the right balance of keeping teachers and students on a steady course without being too prescriptive and at the same time opening people up to lots of music and other teaching and listening material and giving them the options to go wherever they want.!"

Bruce Parry - Freelance percussionist, Sabian European Band & Orchestral Specialist


I welcome anyone who wants to learn the drums. I love drumming and I love to share everything that so many of the greats have shown me over the years – Paul Hose

Drum Lessons with Paul are fun, innovative and creative! All lessons are given in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and Paul will tailor make a course that suits your needs – regardless of age and ability.

Paul Hose Amazon Local Deal

Paul Hose Amazon Local Deal

Paul has taught students from USA, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, France, Spain, Poland, China, Russia, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, from his studio in the UK. Complete beginner, hobbyist or practising professional, Paul’s experience affords him the ability to cater for your needs.

Paul is the Education Specialist for Natal Drums. He is a published author, a contributor to Modern Drummer and assisted Trinity College with the compilation of the 2004-2006 Drum kit Syllabus. Paul is also the owner of MLC-Academy and co-owner of Music Learning Collective University, MLC-Academy, Marseille, and Apps for Musicians.  


On Going Drum Lessons

paul_audio_imgHave you always wanted to play the drums? Are you looking for drum lessons with a difference? Paul can teach you rudiments and technique, how to improvise solos and also introduce composition theory so you could even start to write your own music and songs! Learn how to read and write in standard notation and play along to hundreds of songs, depending on what kind of drummer you want to be.

Distance Learning Drum Lessons


Paul offers drum lessons and coaching sessions via the internet using video conference technology. All you need is a good internet connection, a good quality webcam with the ability to be moved around as necessary, a Skype account or FaceTime, and you can track your progress from the comfort of your own home or studio.

Studies can include all of the courses listed on this page and guidance towards Trinity College diplomas such as ATCL. Please contact Paul for further information.

Specialist Courses

The Art Of Playing Brushes


Brushes are an important tool and belongs in the palette of any drummer. This eight week course comes complete with resource material and covers Swing, Jazz and Latin styles.


Technique and Classical Snare Drumming


Are you becoming somewhat frustrated – your creativity is suffering because you just can’t make it external and share it with others? This course is for the drummer who can already play – the drummer who wants the ability to be able to unleash their creativity. The only true answer is to understand the techniques required for modern drumming – techniques by ground-breaking drummers including Billy Gladstone, G.L. Stone, Sanford Moeller, Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo and Jojo Mayer.


“Paul teaches Moeller so well especially as it is difficult to understand and then communicate.” – Jim Chapin: Drumming legend and Paul’s teacher for 6 years. “I met Paul Hose through Jim Chapin many years ago. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and dedication to teaching! He has an endless roster of enthusiastic students and I can see where they get the motivation! Paul is totally into drumming and education! I am equally inspired by his playing! A true musician with very high standards! He is on of the leaders in our art form, pushing himself and all who he meets to reach their full potential. Having spent time with Paul, you will walk away wanting to set new goals for yourself in whatever you do. He empowers people and gets results! Paul and I are working together to assist more drummers to achieve higher rewards and develop the next generation of great drummers!” – Dom Famularo: Drumming’s Global Ambassador and Paul’s friend.

Drum Lessons with Paul Hose

  • Country. The first lesson from Paul Hose's Natal Modern Drummer Series. August 9, 2012
    Download the full pack here!Country is the first lesson from Paul Hose's NatalModern Drummer Series.UK based drummer, Paul Hose and teamed up with Natal Drums and Modern Drummer (the world's most widely read magazine for drummers) to produce six lessons aimed at enhancing your musical performance skills!Download your FREE excerpt of the tune here.T […]

    Paul Hose

  • Modern Drummer lessons July 21, 2012
    Additional elements pertaining to the Natal Modern Drummer video lessons will be posted within this blog. Elements will include audio downloads, charts and extra tuition.

    Paul Hose

"I get to see lots of drum books from many drummers around the world and the books I like must have good structure, easy to follow lessons, be musical as well as rhythmic and inspiring, Paul and Jim have achieved this with this book and I would recommend you add this to your drum book library."

Mike Dolbear - UK Teacher & Author, founder www.Mikedolbear.com

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