Artist in Residence Case Study

Artist in Residence (A.I.R.) is a curriculum level support programme aimed at assisting heads of department, teachers and students of independent music schools by providing a structured framework culminating in the students being able to sit a grade exam*.

AIR Case study: X4M Perform, Italy
AIR Case study: X4M Perform, Italy

It gives department heads and business owners time and space to focus on other aspects of their education business and ensures that their curriculum is not only current, but ahead of the curve. A.I.R. caters for players of all levels by offering QCF qualifications from Level 1 – 6 and for teachers by offering QCF qualifications from level 4 – 6 – all of which are recognised in over 60 countries.

Primary support in given online at and a member of Paul’s team visits the school periodically to review progress and give seminars. Where visits are not possible, webinars are hosted.

*Paul Hose and his team, like many others, subscribe to the opinion: education first, testing second. That is to say: gaining the tools, techniques and the experience are paramount. Qualifications play an extremely important part in today’s society but they are not for every learner. Sitting an exam should be optional, perhaps preferred but not compulsory. The enjoyment of participating in an art form should be the foremost concern for both teacher and student. To find out more about A.I.R. book a video conference with Paul.

Centre: X4M Perform, Turin, Italy

Advisor: Paul Hose

Levels: QCF levels 1 – 3

Context: X4M Perform is a private music school based in Turin, Italy.


  1. Each student undertook an audition, the objective of which was to assess each person’s approximate ability prescribe the appropriate level of work for the year ahead;
  2. An orientation day was held giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions, gain their website credentials and begin working on the course;
  3. Monthly online updates were issued in an effort to moderate everyone’s progression;
  4. Webinars were broadcast periodically and subsequent visits were made;
  5. Students evidenced growth by periodically submitting videos of their performances for moderation;
  6. A mock exam session was held at the school and exams were administered by RSL Awards;


The impact that the A.I.R. programme has had on the school has been measured in the following ways:

  1. Pass rates: 100% pass rate with 60% achieving distinction and a further 30% achieving merit;
  2. Continued Professional Development: Four members of the school’s teaching team are now studying with Paul and are working towards their Level 4 teaching diploma;
  3. 99% of the students signed up again for the new academic year;
  4. Total A.I.R. cohort for 2018-2019 academic year increased by 30%
  5. The A.I.R. programme is to be given to all students at X4M perform in 2019-2020 and beyond thus standardising the education offered within the establishment;
  6. Thanks to introductions made, X4M Perform is now a Rockschool exam centre;
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