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Paul has contributed to, written and published apps, articles, books and syllabus' since 1999.


As his reputation grew, Paul was asked to compose all of the sight-reading tests together with selecting the performance pieces for the entire  Trinity College London drum kit syllabus. Subsequently, in 2009 he signed his own worldwide publishing deal with Alfred Music Publishing.

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About Drumset for Beginners:


Drumset for Beginners is a very well thought out way of approaching a difficult topic... teaching beginners. How many of us who teach have asked 'How do I start someone playing the drums?'... 'How do I keep it simple?'... It can be intimidating. Paul and Jim have put together a program that simplifies the process, with an emphasis on fun, fundamentals and patience! I also like the idea of this being a resource for teaching.


The play-along tracks are well produced and cover several styles of music - another good idea for beginners, especially drummers... being multi-dimensional. Congratulations to you both!


David Garibaldi - Tower of Power

About Drumset for Beginners - Latin:

This book is great for drummers who want to explore several Latin genres for the first time or want to dig deeper within each genre explored. It is also a great resource for those who want to learn how to solo but perhaps don't know where to start. The concepts offered are wide ranging and clear, the videos are really helpful and the play-along tracks are very well produced.


Ray Luzier - Korn, Dave Lee Roth

About Drumset for Beginners - Jazz:

I've always felt that the best drum books are the ones that you can lose yourself in both at and away from the drum kit and this is one of those books. There's a wealth of passion, knowledge, experience and expert guidance within these pages that will provide anybody looking for better understanding of Jazz (some of its associated styles and genres) a strong, credible, and lasting foundation. I'll certainly have this book on my bookshelf. Great work!

Pat Garvey - Principal lecturer for drums, BIMM

About Diploma Repertoire for Drummers:

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