Bullying is a form of abuse

What is bullying and why is it a form of abuse?

Bully (verb)

use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.

I detest bullying. I have been bullied both as an adult and as a child. The emotional scars have been prevalent in my adult life. Sadly there have been times when I haven’t had the strength of mind or character to do the right thing by the right people. I carry regrets. I always will.

My youngest son has recently been the victim of bullying. His usual carefree personality became troubled and anxious. His laughter stopped. Seeing him under such stress was very difficult. I felt many emotions: sadness, empathy and anger.

Such cruel treatment of another person is insulting and offensive. It can have long lasting effects and can affect a person long into the future.

Is it kind, true or necessary?

I make mistakes all of the time. We all do. These days I ask myself before, contributing to a conversation, is it kind, true or necessary? If it isn’t, I tend not to speak at all.

Are you a victim of bullying?

If you experience bullying or abuse, there are some things you can do immediately:

  • Don’t respond – it can encourage further unwanted communication.
  • Block or delete the person – this means they won’t be able to contact you and you can’t see what they write.

Additional, professional help is available from the charity, Mind. If you are suffering, please reach out and seek help.

Photo credit: themix.org.uk
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