Caring For Your Cymbals

Here’s are some top tips on how to take care of your cymbals, and make sure they don’t break or crack.

Whether buying new cymbals or taking care of the ones that you’ve had for years, taking good care of your cymbals is of course important. So where to begin?

Here is an excerpt for an article I did for a great website called Kitmonsters.

First thing to look at is the cymbal stand. Take the cymbal off and look at where the wing nut screws down. Make sure your insulator is good and not worn out. If it wears then you can damage your cymbal as the two metals meet and can wear against each other. You get a keyhole effect on the cymbal which alters the note quality and is the beginning of the end of the cymbal which will break.

Kitmonsters is a fantastic website and I really enjoyed preparing the article for Terry and her team. You can read the full article here.

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