Make Mobility Your Friend: The Drummer’s Edition – a collaboration with Moballise Group

In this post I share the behind-the-scenes journey of creating “Make Mobility Your Friend: The Drummer’s Edition.”


This collaborative endeavor with the fantastic team at Moballise has been an incredible experience, and here is a sneak peek into the process.


The Rhythmic Connection

From the first meeting with the Moballise team, I knew this collaboration would result in something extraordinary, helpful and useful to many. As a drummer, I’ve always been passionate about exploring the intersection of music and movement. Moballise, a team dedicated to enhancing mobility through innovative techniques, helped develop a shared vision of harmonising rhythm with physical well-being.

Finding the Beat

The journey began with in-depth discussions on the crucial link between drumming and mobility as far back as 2015. We delved into the anatomy of drumming, identifying areas of strain and stress, and brainstormed ways to integrate mobility exercises seamlessly into a drummer’s routine. This phase was not just about writing a book; it was about crafting a holistic guide that drummers could truly resonate with. One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Moballise was the collaborative spirit that fueled our creative process. Their expertise in movement science and my insights into the drummer’s world blended seamlessly, resulting in a resource that marries the artistry of drumming with the science of mobility.

Tailoring the Exercises

We meticulously tailored mobility exercises specifically for drummers, addressing common challenges like tight shoulders, strained wrists, and lower back discomfort. Each exercise was designed to enhance both the drummer’s performance and overall well-being. From dynamic warm-ups to targeted stretches, every movement was chosen with the drummer’s unique needs in mind. To ensure the practicality of our approach, we tested each exercise behind the drum kit. This hands-on phase allowed us to fine-tune the movements, ensuring they seamlessly integrated into a drummer’s practice routine. The result? A collection of exercises that not only enhance mobility but also contribute to a drummer’s precision and endurance.

A Visual Symphony

Collaborating with Moballise extended beyond words. The inclusion of visual aids, such as detailed illustrations and video demonstrations on the Moballise platform, brought the book to life. Drummers can now follow along visually, ensuring that they perform each exercise with precision and confidence.


“Make Mobility Your Friend: The Drummer’s Edition” is more than just a book—it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the seamless integration of music and movement. Working with Moballise has not only enriched my understanding of the drummer’s body but has also provided a valuable resource for drummers worldwide.

I invite you to explore the pages of this book, embark on a journey to enhance your mobility, and discover the rhythm that lies within the harmony of movement and music. Let’s make mobility our friend and continue to drum to the beat of a healthier, more rhythmic life!

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