Online Courses

The online courses delivered and/or written by Paul have been divided into two sections:


  1. Free companion courses relating to Paul's books (below) and;
  2. Courses now delivered by MLC Group.


The courses delivered or written by Paul Hose are dynamic and fun. Whether for fun or professional gain, the student-centred approach adopted by Paul and his colleagues supports creative and individual growth to enable each and every student to unleash their potential, regardless of age and ability.

New sign up process

The sign up process has got simpler. From January 2021 signing up for any companion course is now done via the contact page.

  1. Navigate to the contact page
  2. Enter your details
  3. Drop down over the question "What is your enquiry about?"
  4. Choose Sign up to a companion course
  5. Click "send"
  6. A member of our team will organise access and email you.

Your details will be added to the course and you can begin watching the videos and playing along to the music in no time at all!

Free Companion Courses

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