This Level 4 Performance is your entry to qualifications at a professional level. Focusing on truly industry relevant content that covers the whole package of being a working rock and pop musician.

Music Performance Level 4 Diploma
Music Performance Level 4 Diploma

Key Skills

  • Advanced performance skills
  • Audience targeted promotional skills
  • Self-assessment of performance
  • Understanding of key business and H&S fundamentals

Qualification Structure

The Level 4 Performance Diploma is made up of three elements:

  1. Performance – Live Show
  2. Promotional Portfolio
  3. Q&A (Viva Voce)

Performance – Live Show

At Level 4 candidates will need to prepare a 20-25 minute live performance which will be entirely made up of pieces of the candidates’ own choosing. Candidates must choose a theme for their performance programme and base their choice of music around this.

All pieces should be performed from memory to a backing track (with some exceptions allowed, see syllabus guide) ideally presenting a range of styles.

Performance Elements

Music Performance Level 4 Diploma focus on performance
Music Performance Level 4 Diploma focus on performance

The key performance elements of the Diploma have been split up into specified amounts of time and/or number of pieces to enable candidates to fully showcase all of their skills appropriately and clearly.

At Level 4 candidates are required to make up their total performance time as follows:

  • Advanced Technical Skills – a number of pieces 11-15 minutes of the performance
  • Advanced Development Skills – 2 pieces (3-5 minutes) of the performance
  • Advanced Soloing Skills – 1 piece (3-5 minutes) of the performance
  • Full details on preparing the programme can be found in the Performance Diploma Level 4 syllabus guide inside this course.

Repertoire Requirements

Guidance has been written and prepared for candidates to reference when choosing their pieces and applies to all elements of the programme.


Music Performance Level 4 Diploma music business modules
Music Performance Level 4 Diploma music business modules


Candidates should produce a portfolio of promotional material that they would use if the programme they are performing in the exam were to be for a live event. They should complete and bring this for the examiner on the day of the exam and it should be original work of their own creation. The examiner will ask some questions on the candidate’s reasoning and preparation of the materials.

The promotional portfolio must demonstrate:

  • A variety of media, both online and offline
  • A clear understanding of the target audience and programme theme both in the choice of materials and in the presentation
  • All materials need to be of a professional quality and suitable for use in promoting a real life performance event

Q&A (Viva Voce)

Candidates will be asked a series of questions pertaining to each of the criteria within this section. At Level 4 candidates will be expected to fully explain their knowledge or opinions on each of these elements without the examiner leading the discussion.

The elements covered will be as follows:

  • Candidate’s own evaluation and analysis of the examined performance
  • Theme and objectives of the programme chosen
  • Understanding and defining the elements of the programme that were Level 4
  • Health and Safety in a performance environment
  • Contract knowledge in a performance context
  • Liability and insurance knowledge in a performance context
  • Full online support via
  • Focused, intense lessons with Paul
  • Independent learning and research by you in between sessions
  • Once qualified, you will have letters after your name that will enhance your CV in education and performance institutions
  • The course will take approximately 18 months (c. 1000 hours of learning)
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  • Fees quoted do not include accommodation, travel or exam fees
  • Prerequisite – minimum age of 18 years and hold a performance grade 8 in your chosen instrument
  • Awarding body – RSL Awards
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