David Garibaldi – A video insight

In 2011 I published my first video lesson aptly titled, David Garibaldi – A video insight.

The lesson comprises of a short film that illustrates how to thread together classic drum method books such as Stick Control with contemporary titles such as Future Sounds. The video has been viewed some 72,000 times which is both exciting and encouraging. I produced this video in conjunction with Tower of Power legend, David Garibaldi. Much has changed during that time but the fundamentals of the lesson remain solid and intact.

A to Z of working in and surviving the modern music industry

The modern music industry is an interesting and dynamic industry in which to work. It will however require you to have a plethora of skills that reach far beyond that of playing your instrument. This informal guide serves as a self help reminder for me as much as anything else.

Q is for Quality

The technology at my disposal during the production of the video was limited. Furthermore, I didn’t know how to present myself on camera. I had no experience whatsoever. I opted to speak slowly and clearly in case those watching the video spoke English as a second language. The result being, I come across a little 1970’s O.U. lecturer rather than the person I actually am. That being said, the content is as relevant today as it was when I published the video back in 2011.

David Garibaldi – A video insight

Written steps illustrated within the lesson

  • Learn each example at a slow tempo
  • Use a metronome
  • Practice at a consistent tempo
  • Increase your tempo incrementally. Do not accelerate
  • Learn and practice on a pad before taking it to the kit

Sticking pattern

Accents on your right hand

Accents on your left hand

Accents on both hands

Applied to the kit

Study with Paul

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