Diploma Repertoire for Drummers

In his latest book, Diploma Repertoire for Drummers, Paul Hose presents a fascinating collection of material taken from his recent collaboration with the professional guitarist, Lee Wrathe.


The book begins with a list of benefits and a solid justification as to why many modern players are now opting to study for a diploma in music. Hose then explains how students should use the resource, along with the supplementary materials that are to be found via the author’s website; thus providing further evidence of his understanding of the contemporary music education sector.


Title Diploma Repertoire for Drummers
Author Paul Hose
Edition illustrated
Publisher Alfred Publishing Company, 2020
Length 60 pages


Peer Reviews

After discussing the repertoire and technical requirements, along with setting out the rudiments to be studied at this level, the reader is then presented with a series of tracks taken from Wrathe's brilliant album, Awakening. As a preface to each piece are the technical requirements to be studied, accompanied with a contextual note provided by Wrathe himself. 


Hose then provides further insights into what influenced his original part, along with a more detailed walkthrough of the piece. I strongly suspect the book, which is the latest of a series being written by the author, will be warmly received by both students and teachers alike, and is an invaluable companion suitable for the advanced drummer.


Simon Brown - Director of Education at the Music Learning Collective; Lecturer at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies; Associate Lecturer at The Open University.

If you're familiar with Paul's work then you'll know it's always very well written, well researched, passionate, detailed and dynamic in it's application and use. If you're not then I urge you to dive into one of his titles & you'll find that statement to be very true. This book has the added bonus that it supports level 4 & level 6 diplomas, be that for a recognised qualification or for CPD purposes - important for anybody working or looking to work in today's creative industries. Alongside that it breaks down some of the background noise in relation to better understanding criteria, exams and exam boards, and will also support your mastery of the various elements of drumming and musicianship presented within the framework of the book, which by the way is based on a killer album!


Pat Garvey - Principal lecturer for drums, BIMM

A tour de force of drum playing with passion. It is academically challenging but crammed full of fun and humour. This is a credible and exciting pathway for anyone wishing to take their drum playing to another level. It includes a great mix of genres and influences, engaging with some of the best known drummers and their individual styles. Best of all it captures the skill, passion and enthusiasm that Paul passes on to all of his students.


Mark Gilman - Professor of SME Growth and Development

Content Overview

Chapter One: Diplomas in Music - an introduction

Hose introduces the reader to university level diplomas together with a guide outlining a step-by-step approach to understanding, planning and delivery of the assessment evidence required. 

Chapter Two: Repertoire

Paul then presents a fascinating collection of material taken from his recent collaboration with the professional guitarist, Lee Wrathe. Each track comprises of notes from the composer, a comprehensive road map chart and a thorough walk through. The material presented is also an insight into the artist analysis units of diplomas in music and performing arts.  

Companion Course

As is the custom with all of Paul's work, this title comes with an online companion course that includes the minus drums versions of Lee's album for you to use within the level 4 and/or level 6 diplomas.

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