Drumset for Beginners Jazz

The latest book in Paul Hose’s tour de force Drumset for Beginners series takes aim at the behemoth genre of Jazz. Combining historical context and stylistic awareness with progressive technical exercises and performance pieces; a comprehensive, cross-genre foundation is achieved.


This beautifully illustrated book includes access to extensive online material, including performance tracks and play-alongs as well as video demonstrations. This dynamic series of books is not only for the beginner who has never played before, they are for those wishing to explore new areas of their playing and genres of music for the first time. They are also the perfect teaching companion. From your first experience on the drums, to Latin, Jazz, Rudiments, Rhythmic Theory and much more besides, this series of books has it all.


Private practitioners and those working at education institutions alike from across the world now have these books in their repertoire.


Title Drumset for Beginners: Jazz
Author Paul Hose
Edition illustrated
Publisher Alfred Publishing Company, 2020
ISBN 1470613549, 9781470613549
Length 91 pages


Peer Reviews

I've always felt that the best drum books are the ones that you can lose yourself in both at and away from the drum kit and this is one of those books. There's a wealth of passion, knowledge, experience and expert guidance within these pages that will provide anybody looking for better understanding of Jazz (some of its associated styles and genres) a strong, credible, and lasting foundation. I'll certainly have this book on my bookshelf. Great work!


Pat Garvey - Principal lecturer for drums, BIMM

As always, Paul Hose brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and technical insight to his books and Drumset For Beginners: Jazz is certainly no exception. This much-needed resource is filled with practical examples, covering a wide variety of styles along with technical exercises, historical perspectives and educational theory that really help provide context for the learner. His personable approach ensures the book is both accessible and inspiring as he tackles some of the more difficult topics with his usual efficiency and clarity. The online resources that Hose offers as a companion to the book will undoubtedly assist with the rate of progression and makes this a truly fascinating aid for the budding 21st century Jazz Drummer. 


Simon Brown, Director of Education at the Music Learning Collective; Lecturer at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies; Associate Lecturer at the Open University

Knowing Paul as the passionate educator that he is, it is no surprise to me whatsoever to discover that within his new book Drumset For Beginners : Jazz you will find not only a highly meticulous educational overview of the jazz genre, backed up by a detailed guide on how to learn and practice the material, but also a complete historic encyclopaedia that backs up the educational content throughout. 


Knowledge, history and application… The what, why and how that makes this work from Paul Hose a truly excellent education package.


Rob Hirons - author, mentor and principal lecturer for drums, MLC Marseille, France

It takes a great teacher to write a great book! Paul Hose has done a magnificent job in this book. There’s no better book in the world to teach a beginner to play and appreciate jazz. It has the history, the fundamentals, the technique and, most importantly, the methodology. It’s a must have for any serious teacher.


Felipe Drago - author, mentor and teacher, London, England

Drumset for Beginners: Jazz provides an awesome approach to learning the art of Jazz Drumming. Through the use of the historical legacy of Jazz Drumming you discover the DNA and Soul  of the Jazz Drummer (and Jazz itself!) This, along with the implementation of technical skills, stylistic musical examples, play along tracks and videos makes this book a must have book for every drummer.


Pete Gamber - Freelance journalist, Teacher and NAMM University, California, USA

Another great book by Paul. This edition covers a lot of ground in a very approachable manner and will provide a much needed kick start for beginner jazz drummers. I'll definitely use this book in my school. Highly recommended.


Vatsal Agrawal - Principal, Vatsal School Of Music, Bhilai, India

What a great book for learning jazz! Paul Hose has mixed the history, technique, posture, exercises, rhythm at the drum kit and much more in one book! Deep material to really get started in jazz! I am already learning with it!


Nina Pará - author, journalist and teacher, São Paulo, Brazil

I think I like the structure the most: not all educational books of this type give this kind of detailed thought; plus ease of reading, repertoire and the obvious targeting of how students receive the information at the correct level. Difficult not to say well done!


Stuart Slater - deputy chief examiner, Rockschool

Content Overview

Chapter One: Jazz - an introduction

Paul introduces the reader to the history of Jazz, the drumset and sets the scene for the journey ahead.

Chapter Two: Technical Exploration

The reader is invited to learn more about the techniques discussed in Drumset for Beginners: Latin, offering further insight into the teachings of Chapin and Moeller.

Chapter Three: The Number System Revisted

Again, building on the foundations set out in Drumset for Beginners: Latin, the reader is invited to explore examples that directly relate to Jazz music.

Chapter Four: Musical timeline

Paul invites the reader to embark on a musical journey from 1865 to 1950. Genres explored include the Blues, Ragtime, New Orleans, Swing, Bebop, Standards, Ballads, Bossa Nova, Cubop and Jazz Fusion.

Companion Course

The free online course comprises of additional resources that include videos that can be viewed on your device of television. The resources also include audio that can be streamed or downloaded.

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