Drumset for Beginners Rhythmic Theory

This time Paul Hose’s tour de force Drumset for Beginners series aims to make understanding rhythmic theory both fun and informative. Combining historical context and stylistic awareness with progressive exercises.


This beautifully illustrated book includes access to extensive online material, including video demonstrations. This dynamic series of books is not only for the beginner who has never played before, they are for those wishing to explore new areas of their playing and genres of music for the first time. They are also the perfect teaching companion. From your first experience on the drums, to Latin, Jazz, Rudiments, and much more besides, this series of books has it all.


Private practitioners and those working at education institutions alike from across the world now have these books in their repertoire.


Title Drumset for Beginners: Rhythmic Theory
Author Paul Hose & Mark Bates
Edition illustrated
Publisher Alfred Publishing Company, 2022
ISBN 1470613581, 9781470613587
Length 47 pages

Drumset for Beginners Rhythmic Theory

Peer Reviews

This is a must have for teachers and students alike. Not only is the book really thorough in its explanations, it’s written in a way that is really easy to understand and remember. I wish I had had a book like this when I was learning rhythmic theory, as it can sometimes seem intimidating and complex. Paul and Mark break things down and give great examples making rhythmic theory a lot easier to digest.

Ciara Chinniah - Freelance Drummer, Educator and co-host for Drum Education Live podcast.

From the opening paragraphs of this book, the reader is learning something and developing; not only as a drummer but more importantly as a musician. The examples are clear and concise and allow the student to be able to play straight away. The language is very user friendly and the language of music is never lost. The examples in the book will serve to prepare musicians for further study and set them on the way to understanding the theory and techniques required to play to a very high standard. I will certainly be using this book in my place of work!’.

Jono Burrows - Music Educator (Leader of the Music Curriculum Development Group- Diverse Academies) Musician and band leader.

... finishing the bad drummer joke: and one of them says, 'it takes 3 to waltz' BA DUM TSS!

Mark and Paul have added a very important book to the Drumset for Beginners series. This volume binds all of the others together. It is a must have not only for drummers but for all musicians as we all have rhythm as part of our job, and understanding it is crucial. Musicians who truly understand rhythm make much better music.

Felipe Drago - Author, Mentor and Teacher.

Content Overview

Chapter One: Fundamental Studies For This Volume

Paul and Mark introduce the reader to the rudiments required to study this volume, tempo, notation and a metronome.

Chapter Two: Technical Exploration

The reader is invited to learn more about the techniques discussed in Drumset for Beginners series, offering further insight into the teachings of Chapin and Moeller.

Chapter Three: Rhythmic Theory

This chapter takes the reader on a journey of understanding rhythmic theory and concludes with several Snare Drum and Drum Kit solos pertinent to several graded music examinations syllabi.

Chapter Four: Navigation

Paul and Mark further unlock the language of rhythmic theory - this time focusing of naivgating music scores.

Chapter Five: Expression

An important chapter that helps the reader articulatre and express themselves when playing the Drum Kit.

Companion Course

The free online course comprises of additional resources that include videos that can be viewed on your device of television. The resources also include audio that can be streamed or downloaded.

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