Face-to-face exams in the USA

Undertaking the first ever RSL face-to-face exams in the USA.


L to R: Paul Hose, Mr Johnson, Simon Brown, Mark Bates, Santiago Mann

Yesterday was a momentus day for both RSL Awards and for me. I was asked to assess the first ever face-to-face exams in the USA. The school was Johnson Z School of Music which is located in Orange County, California. Everyone involved was fantastic and worked hard to ensure that the day ran smoothly.


As a music examiner I assess the progress of musicians of all ages and abilities from across the world.  From India to the USA, South Africa to Hong Kong, I am always delighted to see the commitment and dedication that the musicians make to themselves and to the pursuit of their chosen artform.


I hope that yesterday was the first of many face-to-face exam days in the USA and I am delighted to have played a small part.

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