In these trying times, keep your drumming fun and interesting

In these trying and difficult times, keep your drumming fun and interesting.


I took part in a fantastic recording and filming session last month. Time drifts away when you’re having fun.

This sounds like a cop-out but bear with me. I’m genuinely not concerned about being the best drummer in the world. I haven’t got time for that – literally. However, that won’t stop me – and it shouldn’t stop you – pursuing this cool art form and being the best that YOU can be. That’s the path that I am on – striving to be the best that I can be.

A great friend of mine once said to me;

if I spend all of my time watching you, I’m doing nothing!

Music is art. It’s not a sport. There is no destination – just the journey. So enjoy it. Please . . . Enjoy it.


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