How long should I practice playing the drums?

An age old question – How long should I practice playing the drums?

This is indeed one of the biggest questions of all times – How long should I practice playing the drums? I have no doubt that anyone reading this will agree and disagree in equal numbers. Nonetheless, this is my take on such an important question.

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Acknowledging your mood

Your mood can actually have an adverse effect on your playing. For example, if you’re stressed any yet you feel the urge to play, play for you – your favourite song/s and lighten the load of your day. Music is an expression of emotion and if you feel good, chances are you will play better and for longer. Here’s the important bit: if you’re down, stressed or short of time, it’s okay not to play at all. I’d rather your last practice session was a positive experience rather than one of need. It is always better to want to play music rather than need to.

On stage with guitarist legend, David Buckley
On stage with guitarist legend, David Buckley

How long should I Practice?

There is no real answer to this though my previous point relating to your mood will have an impact on how long you devote to your instrument. I would prefer you played little and often rather than binging on the drums the night before a lesson or a performance. If you lead a busy life and all you can spare is five minutes, make them count! It’s better to play five minutes per day and seriously further yourself than an unproductive hour the night before a lesson.

Make your practice an important part of your day! Can you get up 30 minutes earlier? Can you do your five minutes before dinner?

Paul Hose Clinic Kettering 2013
Paul Hose Clinic Kettering 2013


At what speed should I practice

Please read previous post and add the follow in to the mix. Learn at the slow tempo. Remember, you’re not performing your favourite song. In fact, you can’t until you’ve developed the mechanics required to do so.

Above all else, make sure you have fun!

I will no doubt more about this in the future as it is a vital part of furthering ourselves within our art form.

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