Make Mobility Your Friend: The Drummer's Edition

The Moballise and Music Learning Collective approaches are well defined. It has proven priceless to the many patients and students that have come through our doors. The message is strong, and the message is the same;


Education is key to progression


Make Mobility Your Friend - The Drummer's Edition is a beautifully illustrated book that invites you to learn how to enhance your mobility and independently achieve your right to live a pain free life by caring for your body brilliantly without wasting precious time. The book also includes an in depth analysis of all of the major playing techniques used by drummers of all music genres from across the world. Both enlightening and engaging, it is designed to help you understand the impact that playing the drums has on your body.

Furthermore, this edition of this unique and popular series enables you to identify, understand and implement the underpinning, anatomical knowledge of mobility and relates to the impact that drumming has on your body. Invaluable and practical, it opens up the world of the professional to bring you everything you need for assessing, planning, treating and maintaining your own mobility through the ups and downs of injury.

  • Relates assessment to your personally designed mobility enablement plan.
  • High quality, full colour photography of over 100 mobility enabling exercises.
  • Expanded throughout with up to date information on mobility and movement.
  • Enhanced by exhaustive cross-referencing of exercises with text throughout.
  • Essential reading for people who want to move well, students, and practitioners.
  • Identify, diagnose, and improve movement patterns to enable your mobility.
  • Design personalised, practical, effective time saving mobility enablement plans.
  • Use the sample mobility plans to resolve common, normal life symptoms.

Title Make Mobility Your Friend - The Drummer's Edition
Author Kristian Spoors & Paul Hose
Edition illustrated
Publisher The Moballise Group Limited, 2021
Length 586 pages

Make Mobility Your Friend The Drummers Edition

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Content Overview

Unit One - Fundamentals

Unit Two - Technique

Unit Three - Prevention

Unit Four - Mobility As Treatment

Unit Five - Progression

Unit Six - Introduction to Assessment

Unit Seven - Case Studies

Unit Eight - Obstacles To Success

Unit Nine - Assessment Techniques

Unit Ten - Introduction To Treatment

Unit Eleven - Mobilisation Tools

Unit Twelve - Treatment Techniques

Unit Thirteen - Mobility Enablement

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