Proper Technique Is Your Pathway To Success

There is no doubt in my mind: proper technique is your pathway to success

Okay, okay! It’s a broad, sweeping statement, but think about it; have you ever suffered from fatigue or cramps in your hands and/or arms as a result of playing the drums; or have you become frustrated because you haven’t been to express yourself artistically because you haven’t been able to unravel the complexities of particular rhythms or styles?

Hand Technique

This IS a can of worms! There are four major sticking postures that we drummers adopt:

  1. Traditional Grip
  2. Matched Grip – French Timpani
  3. Matched Grip – German Timpani

…… and then there’s this thing called Moeller.

It’s not for me to go into great detail about the merits of each posture during this article but I will say this – all of them have their own merits and benefits and as one of my drum teachers, the late, great Jim Chapin would say;

None of them on their own are for all seasons.

Paul Hose - explore all sticking postures
Paul Hose – explore all sticking postures

In other words, you should investigate all of them.

No gain, no gain! SHOOT THEM!

Drumming should not hurt you! Drumming is a physical activity and should be an ergonomic pursuit. It should not be a fight with your body that will only leave you with damaged hands and could lead to RSI. If you need advice on these matters, call me! I’d be more than happy to help you fix your posture/grip and get you on a path that truly works for you.

Technique is a means to a musical end

If you explore the merits of good technique then the execution of every note that you play will improve exponentially! It’s that simple and as a result, your confidence will grow and you will play with great assurance regardless of style or dynamic/attack. Your dexterity will increase and all of this will enable you to realise your musical goals! In short;

All paths lead back to your hands!

I have been taught this by some of the word’s greatest drum teachers.

Paul Hose in clinic, April 2013
Paul Hose in clinic, April 2013

I am here to help you

If you’re suffering from aches and pains as a result of playing the drums, please contact me as I can help correct your technique which will alleviate the pain that you are suffering. Likewise, if your musical juices are in need of a kick start, again, I can help put you on a path that will suit your needs.

I am extremely passionate about the subjects covered in this post because if you are suffering and you’re not careful, you really could be doing some long term damage.

Paul Hose Video Shoot 2014
Paul Hose Video Shoot 2014
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