Push yourself – stop playing it safe

Is the desire to be perfect stopping you from achieving your goals? Stop playing it safe and push yourself.

I see this more and more. Our desire for perfection can paralyse us. Back in April, I wrote a blog piece about balancing the need to improve against being our own worst critic.

In order to improve we must take risks. Calculated risks but risks nonetheless. Set your own goal and give yourself enough time to achieve it. Time is the key factor. Do not allow yourself to drift. Set a deadline and stick to it. Above all else, try! Taking a small, calculated risk may prove to be answer.

Analyse after the fact

How many times have you stopped playing before attempting a fill in case you got it wrong? Take a risk. Try playing the fill and then analyse if it was correct or not. How can you or your teacher possibly know if what you are attempting is correct or otherwise unless you play?

Take a risk, set yourself free and play!

Make sure that you have fun

In this video, I discuss the importance of having fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

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