Sabian Education Network in Manchester

The Sabian Education Network (SEN) is a thriving community of professional teachers based across the world.

Through their members-only website, forum, webinars, and live events, members can participate in a thriving community of drum teachers who are seeking to improve and build their teaching practice. I recently took part in a forum at the UK Drum Show in Manchester.

The panellists

Joe Bergamini (host) Paul Hose, Felipe Drago, Pat Garvey, Toni Cannelli

Topics covered during my pitch

There was a lot of diversity across the panel which I believe to be healthy. One of the important elements of the forum is that it encourages the sharing of ideas in an effort that independent music teachers perhaps begin to develop a shared best practice policy. This can only benefit the teachers and students alike.

My pitch at the SEN event

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