Self doubt – You’re not alone

Self doubt - you're not alone
Self doubt – you’re not alone

All of us – musicians, dancers, film makers, in fact anyone who is creative will at some point doubt themselves and their work. Some of us will shrug it off and won’t give it much weight or credence. For others it can be debilitating.

Try to develop a lifestyle that has a greater sense of balance. If you’re old enough to remember the Mars advert then you’ll remember the tagline;

… work, rest and play!

Easier said than done but taking one baby step every day can and will make a difference. These little tips might help:

– Drink more water
– Go for a walk
– Remember that your phone is indeed a phone a call someone
– Take more rest but when you wake up;
– Be active
– Eat healthier

I appreciate that this isn’t possible for everyone but the smallest of steps can make a huge difference.

Mind - For better mental Health
Mind – For better mental Health
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