Drum Lessons with Paul Hose

Learning to play the drums with Paul is both enjoyable and rewarding!

I welcome anyone who wants to learn. Young or young at heart - beginner or professional - the lessons will be fun, challenging and rewarding. Paul Hose

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I have progressed far beyond what I was thought possible with the drums. His lessons are bespoke to the student’s skills and ability and are taught in an enjoyable and relaxed learning environment.

Paul is a fantastic educator and drummer. Lessons with him are always fun and laid back but full of knowledge and useful tips. Strongly recommend any serious drummers study with Paul. His depth of knowledge is outstanding!

I will always remember my first lesson with Paul Hose. He opened my eyes to a new level of playing and [showed me] how my drumming idols achieved their seemingly impossible chops and licks!

Paul Hose is a fantastic, skilled and wise musician, and an extraordinary educator. He has the ability to teach you anything you'd like to learn.

My son had been playing drums for a few years, achieving a distinction at Grade 8. He came to Paul to take his drumming on to a new level.

Paul’s approach to learning the drum kit transformed the way I thought about music in general.

Whatever you need help with, Paul will get you there. One of the best teachers out there for sure!

I can't recommend him enough, without a doubt he is the British answer to the likes of Gadd, Lang and crew! Worthy praise indeed.

Paul is a highly dedicated and deeply passionate teacher. It's incredible how much I improved under his guidance.

I'm amazed at the extra boost of confidence that 1:1 sessions with Paul has given me. I've also found that the extra boost has gone on to become infectious in other areas of my life also. Great for self morale and aplomb.

Paul Hose is an excellent, interesting, and wise tutor! I'd highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning to play an instrument to speak with Paul to kick start a great career.

I have watched so many of Paul's students blossom into professional musicians, many of them going on to become brilliant and successful tutors themselves. If that's not all the assurance you need to feel that you're in good hands, then what is?

Very few teachers before looked into the drums with the same depth as Paul, and each one-hour lesson with him felt like a miniature master class, in which we would explore concepts, discuss techniques, and debate the approaches of other drummers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Hose back in 2011 in Los Angeles. His passion for drum education was very apparent to me. He had just published another work at the time and continued to engage in conversations about further drum education. Ever since, Paul carries out and presents inspirational drum instruction throughout many different countries!

Paul's experience exudes through his coaching abilities, his knowledge of technique along with his down to earth explanations make his lessons tangible as well as enjoyably challenging.

Paul has stretched my musical vocabulary and taken me on tours of latin, funk and pop that I wouldn't have done under my own steam. An absolutely brilliant teacher!

As a teacher, Paul’s primary roles are to inspire you and help you achieve the highest possible level of success. It doesn’t matter whether you are studying for fun or as part of your continued professional development. Paul aims to help you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to enable you to continue to develop your understanding and abilities as a musician.

All of the resources and services detailed on this website can be used in isolation or in conjunction with one another. They have been written and devised with several types of learner in mind - using a variety of delivery methods - and are open to anyone, regardless of age and ability.

Create your own pathway with Paul Hose and paulhose.com.

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