Take a break

Life is getting busier. There is no doubt about it. How often do you take break?

What do you do relax? Does it include reaching for your phone or tablet? Are you surfing whilst watching television? This is not a case of pot-kettle. I was guilty as charged. A fully paid up addict so far my phones were concerned. Now I purposely take time out to sit, have lunch and actually engage with the person that I am sat with.

Modern day living demands a lot of from us. Much of what we do is habitual. So perhaps it is time to develop a new habit – disconnect from technology and take a break.

Rest is important

In this video, I discuss the importance of sleep and in particular, sleep.

Time out is inspiring

Open spaces, or a walk in a park are becoming increasingly important in ever increasingly busy lifestyles. I would argue that time out provides the space in your mind that your need in order to be creative. Sometimes it is better to walk away from the instrument and take a break.

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