Take notes

Taking notes has become one of my favourite pastimes.

Paul Hose - working lunch
Paul Hose – working lunch

I was gifted a notebook one Christmas by my wife. It now contains ideas about courses, lessons; an entire raft of scribbles relating to my personal and professional development.

I have also found it a great way to take down people’s ideas and concerns as they share them with me and at the end of my day or working week, I can recall ideas and comments and reflect upon them.

Some of my best and silliest ideas live in my notebooks.

I strongly recommend to my students and trainee teachers that they make notes using a pen and paper. It helps us process problems and it can relax us which in turn can result in a better night’s sleep.

In this video, taken from the series “A to Z of working in and surviving the modern music industry” that I produced, I briefly discuss the importance benefits of sleep.

Taking notes is also a great way of logging your ideas!

Don't lose your ideas. Take notes.
Don’t lose your ideas. Take notes.


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