The importance of reading

Holidays are an ideal time to sit back and reflect upon what you have learned and recall where it has been learned from.

The importance of reading cannot be underestimated. Information is gathered from a plethora of sources – blogs, news websites, academic reports, vlogs and podcasts. More often than not, I have two books open, the subject matter that I am reading and my trusty notebook. Reading is a great source of empowerment.

I discuss the importance of reading and research within this short video which is taken from the series”A to Z of working in and surviving the modern music industry.”

I go to great pains to emphasise to my trainee teachers the importance of reading and taking notes. Reading helps with writing and articulation during discussions which is extremely important for trainee teachers who are required to undergo a Viva Voce during their examinations. It helps the formation of opinions and as practising professionals, it helps us share our ideas without over complicating the subject matter.

Reading fiction enhances the creative process

Music, film and dance are forms of story telling as of course is reading. Autobiographies and technical publications are sources of information and inspiration. Perhaps an equal amount of inspiration from reading fiction. Escaping from reality can be fun!

Reading is a form a meditation

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Beyond Happiness by Sir Anthony Seldon. One of the passages that has stuck with me is the notion that if we read a page, think of nothing else and absorb its content We have endured a form of meditation. The need to disconnect from technology and relax is becoming evermore important and the thought of reading a book on a sunny afternoon by a river is indeed an attractive one!


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