Ways to become more creative

We are all striving to achieve and never before have we lived such busy lives. So how can avoid burning out? Here are a handful of ways to become more creative.

  1. Take time to search for inspiration – Sitting inside your studio is not enough! Get outside and experience both the countryside and the city as both will will be a huge source of inspiration.
  2. Take regular breaks – a very difficult thing to achieve for both creative and self-employed people. However I realised that the quality of my work and health improved beyond measure as soon as I started taking breaks throughout the day and time off on a regular basis.
  3. Experiment – The key to being creative is exploration. If you’re scared to take a risk or scared of failing, you’ll never try anything new. This applies to practising, writing, composing or even trying a new hobby or meeting new people!
  4. Have Fun – There’s no point doing it if you’re not going to enjoy it. Life is simply far too short.
  5. Be Social – Consider your day: teaching, driving between venues, practising, writing. It’s very easy to become isolated and not interact with people often or at all. Being social is both soul food and can be a wonderful source for inspiration as everybody you know has their own story!
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