Welcoming New Students in 2024!

I am thrilled to announce that after taking 18 months off from teaching, I am welcoming new students starting January 2024.


Whether you’re a young, enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned professional, you are invited to explore the world of drumming and rhythm with me either face-to-face or online.


A New Chapter

The past 18 months have been a period of reflection, growth, and rejuvenation. Taking this time away from teaching has allowed me to explore new avenues, refine my teaching methods, and come back with renewed energy and passion for sharing the art of drumming. I’m excited about this next chapter and the opportunity to connect with students, both young and young at heart.

Limited Spaces, Unlimited Possibilities

I believe in the power of teaching that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, and to ensure a quality learning experience, I’m limiting the number of available spaces. This allows me to focus on each student individually, tailoring lessons to their unique goals and aspirations. Whether you’re just starting your drumming journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, there’s a place for you in my studio.

For the Enthusiast

If you’re a young, keen enthusiast eager to explore the world of drumming, my lessons are designed to be engaging, interactive, and fun. We’ll start from the basics and build a strong foundation, nurturing your passion for rhythm and helping you develop into a confident drummer.

For the Seasoned Professional

For the seasoned professional seeking to refine their technique, explore advanced rhythms, or delve into specific styles, my personalised coaching aims to elevate your skills and expand your musical horizons. Together, we’ll fine-tune your craft and uncover new dimensions in your drumming.

Embrace your Rhythm

Whether you’re stepping into the world of drumming for the first time or seeking to enhance your existing skills, now is the perfect time to embrace your rhythm. Join me either in person or online, where the journey of drumming is not just about playing beats but about discovering the unique rhythm that resides within you.

How to Join

If you’re ready to embark on this musical journey together, head over to the “Contact” section on PaulHose.com and send me a message expressing your interest. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of the growing community of drummers at PaulHose.com. I’m excited to meet new faces, share my passion for drumming, and witness the rhythmic growth of each student. Let’s make 2024 the year you drum into the future with confidence and joy. See you behind the kit!

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