Work continues in memory of Roy De Wired

Work continues in memory of Roy De Wired as MLC Academy continues to train people to qualify as music teachers.

Roy De Wired Foundation

For the past two years MLC Academy has been working with a group of  people in an effort that they become qualified in the principals of teaching music as a lasting legacy of the late Nottingham musician, Roy De Wired.

The qualifications once obtained will be awarded by Trinity College. Trinity teaching diplomas cover instrumental and vocal teaching to individuals, small groups and in the classroom. It was agreed by the trustees of the Roy De Wired Foundation that there could be no better lasting legacy than to empower a group of people to qualify as music teachers who in turn can spread the joy of music to countless people for years to come.

It is hoped that the first diplomas will be awarded in 2017 and the final qualifications by 2019.

Previous initiatives provided by MLC Academy in Roy’s memory include subsidised music lessons across Nottingham and in other sectors of the community.

Over 700 free music lessons have been given to groups of people as part of our MLC-Academy Rocks Your School promotion. Additional work includes the continued delivery to scores of young children of the world famous Sesame Street Music Works – a public-service program that encourages children to explore, create and grow with music. This multimedia initiative was developed by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organisation behind the TV show, Sesame Street.

MLC Academy will continue to publish progress reports regarding the work done in Roy’s name.

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